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This video essay dissects what games can do to make talking fun

by: Nicholas -
More On: Alpha Protocol Deus Ex: Human Revolution Fallout: New Vegas L.A. Noire

The collective image that may pop into many people's heads when they think of video games will be a gun. Heck, the two best-selling games of 2018 were chock full of bullets and blood. 

But if one is to explore the depth of just a few games, then it's clear that there are more gameplay solutions than the player just shooting their way out of a problem. 

Take for instance, Game Maker's Toolkit's latest video on this very topic. In a video that spans AAA titles from Fallout: New Vegas and L.A. Noire to lesser known titles such as Alpha Protocol, he proposes solutions that make gameplay dialogue options more challenging in order to "talk around a character".

In this method of gameplay, Game Maker's Toolkit states that it tests the players social and logic skills, providing "an actual alternative" to combat. 

It's a great exploration of multiple games' usage of various gameplay modes, and a great suggestion on how to innovate contemporary gameplay. Watch below.