Return to River City on September 5th with River City Girls

by: Russell -
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Fans of the NES era will likely remember a game called River City Ransom. The plot of the beat-em-up followed Alex and Ryan as they attempt to rescue Ryan's girlfriend Cyndi from someone named Slick as they take out members of rival gangs in the process. If you haven't played it yet and have a Nintendo Switch, I highly recommend checking it out on their online service. However, in two months WayForward is returning to River City only this time the roles are somewhat reversed. In River City Girls you'll play as Misako and Kyoko as they attempt to rescue their captive boyfriends. Hey with gang names like "The Generic Dudes" and "The Frat Guys

", I've just stopped questioning anything that takes place in River City at this point and am just going with it.

River City Girls hits the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on September 5th.