Dr Who coming to VR

by: Rob -
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Dr. Who is now in its 6th decade and featuring a female lead for the first time. In other first, it's crossing over into VR as well. Dr. Who: The Edge of Time is scheduled for a September release and developer Maze Theory have released a series fo developer diaries to get your first look at this iconic franchise in a gaming medium. There is a general developer diary, a specific video on the Hydrorks - an amphibian race making their Dr Who debut in this game shown below, a video about the Sweeping Angels, and of course another about the classic Daleks.

Dr. Who: The Edge of Time will release on Rift, Vive and Vive Cosmos, and PSVR. The original press release also included these fun facts:

  • The weeping angels utilise a classic horror game mechanic, so the team have been excited to work with them.
  • Daleks in VR are incredibly imposing. Getting up close to them, seeing the textures of the metal and reflectivity are awe-inspiring (in a terrifying kind of way!).
  • Jump scares work really well in VR! They are a brilliant technique. Be warned.
  • Being able to create new monsters for the show and add to the canon is hugely exciting. We’re making Doctor Who history!
  • When working in VR, because people can move around, get up close and experience the monsters from any angle, it’s really important to get the quality and accuracy just right. It feels very real!