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Codemasters releases new F1 2019 trailer

by: Dave -
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We reviewed F1 2019 for the PS4 here and determined it to be an excellent entry into the ongoing series. Available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, F1 2019 boasts improved graphics that improve on night lighting, a couple of touch ups for existing tracks, and the inclusion of the Formula 2 racing series.

Formula 2 is the premier feeder league for Formula 1. Well, the actual recipe for breaking into the World's premier auto racing league is actually Formula 2 success paired with a whole lot of sponsor money, but the point is still valid: you can race in a slightly less frenetic series on the same well-crafted, internationally known race tracks before embarking on an F1 career.

All that's missing is VR support for the PC and PS4 - maybe 2020 will be the year that Codemasters catches up to some of their other VR-enabled sims, but probably not. 'Tis a shame.