Friday the 13th: The Game heading to Switch this August

by: Kinsey -
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On August 13th (sadly not a Friday, but hey, what can you do), Friday the 13th: The Game is coming to a Nintendo Switch near you, and Jason is coming in swinging. The Ultimate Slasher Edition, which includes all DLC and retail exclusive content, lets you relive that tried-and-true horror experience of going out into the middle of the woods for god knows what reason, then finding that your car has very mysteriously stopped working, then finding weird little weapons (like firecrackers) lying about, and then still somehow not taking any of these as red flags and continuing on with your vacation until one of you is brutally murdered. Y'know. Just another day in the woods.

Preorders are available now through GameStop and Amazon, and will come soon through other retailers like Target and Best Buy. In addition to all the digital customization goodies in the Ultimate Slasher Edition, all physical copies will come with a bonus 11"x17" limited edition poster.