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Torchlight II to make its debut on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One too

by: Kinsey -
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Whether you're looking to relive the glory of Vilderan once again, or just delving in for the first time, you console gamers out there are in for a treat; Torchlight II is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this September 3. 

The team at Panic Button has been working hard to translate the game's mechanics and controls to console. This new version will keep the signature art style, combat, and customization of the franchise, while improving controls, targeting, and interfaces to avoid the clunky PC-to-console transition issues that we've all come to know and dread (not going to say 7 Days to Die, but, y'know, I'm also not going to not say it). 

There's also some fresh new details coming to the table; not only are we getting updated achievements and trophies throughout the game, but some brand new pets are making their debut exclusively on console. If you're on Nintendo Switch, you get an extra bonus; you can play with up to four of your friends via local wireless play. (Hopefully they won't play like the guy in the trailer below!)