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E3 2019: Alien: Isolation terrorizes Switch later this year

by: Sean Colleli -
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One of the more surprising moments of Nintendo's E3 presentation was the reveal that Alien: Isolation will arrive on Switch sometime in 2019. While the game was originally developed and released by Creative Assembly in 2014, the Switch port is being handled by Feral Interactive.

When I reviewed Alien: Isolation when it launched back on the PC (GN score 9.0), I thought it was one of the most terrifying and mechanically-solid horror games of all time. Creative Assembly just nailed the whole Alien universe and delivered a chilling story about Ripley's "orphaned" daughter Amanda, who turned out to be a determined and compelling character in her own right. The Switch version will add gyro aiming and HD rumble, which I'm sure will make the experience even more bone-chilling.

On a more personal note, I'm happy to see this incredible game get another lease on life. Its initial sales didn't meet publisher Sega's expectations, and aside from a tepid mobile game followup, there's been no word on a sequel. It's nice to know Sega values the game enough to put the resources into porting it to Switch, so here's hoping Feral Interactive deliver an Alien: Isolation port that's just as scary and amazing as the original.