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EA Posts quarterly results, Spore delayed... gamers weep

by: Chuck -
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GameDaily has the scoop on EA's quarterly earnings and the sad news that Spore will not be making it to shelves.  It looks like the company took it on the chin this quarter, losing $25M in their fiscal fourth quarter.  Analysts are blaming the loss on EA not having enough Wii games and I'm blaming it on EA not releasing a lot of quality games period.   Sure there was Command and Conquer 3 (360 version on shelves this week) but what other quality titles did EA release this quarter?

The delay of Spore will probably impact their yearly numbers as the game was projected to be their big game this year.  EA is taking the risky move of weening themselves off licensed IP's and sequels this year and if games like Army of Two don't sell well we might see a return of the crap factory that EA used to be.
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