Prestige, Power, Budget time trials, the guys who did Ride To Hell, and More: the history of Ferrari in video games

by: Nicholas -
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The racing genre packs a prolific and diverse field. From the perhaps dozens of different racing franchises to the probable hundreds of games out there, it's a doozy. But one brand's worldwide fame reputation seems to have escaped the gaming limelight: Ferrari. 

I'm not that much into cars. If it works, last long, and is good on gas, great. I'll check the oil and put air into the tires before having to go for my oil change. But beyond that, I personally don't care too much. That's not the opinion, however, of YouTuber Raycevick

In his latest dissection on subcategories within video game genres, Raycevick dives into the history of Ferrari in racing games, its ups and downs, and the struggle to truly capture what makes those cars tick. 

To really dig into something like this, though, he has to get specific as heck. From a single-player time trial game that required an online connection, to an admirable attempt at simulating the F355, it's a look at the complex history of the brand's reputation in video games. It can sometimes be a sadly humorous affair, given the amount of fails there are, but maybe there's a reason why the legendary brand hasn't truly made its mark in gaming. Check out the video below.