Farming Simulator 2019's League Mode is now open to PC and Mac

by: Nicholas -
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Farming Simulator 2019, the latest in realistic farming titles, has joined the competitive ranks of countless other franchises in a recent update. 

The Farming Simulator League, as it's called, is a competitive mode in which players can form teams of three, with the addition of one coach and one substitute and register on Giants Software's website. This is all part of the Farming Simulator League Tournament, in which players can compete for a cash prize.

In a video introducing the mode, which you can watch below, teams are divided into seeded teams and wildcard teams. Wildcard teams can be considered the more "normal" teams, while the seeded ones are full of players who have already proved themselves. Once the first round, the Wildcard Qualifiers, is over, the winners of that round go up against the seeded teams, for the in-stage round. Whoever wins goes on to the finals.

These events go through multiple levels, as it's all explained in the video below. Check out Giant Software for more info.