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E3 2019: Stadia launching with some top games, Founder's Edition at $130

by: John -
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Google just has their Stadia reveal and plenty of info came out for their cloud gaming service. Let's start with the "console" itself. You'll be able to play Stadia on your TV, PC, laptop, and Pixel 3+ phone initially when it launches later this year. More phones and devices will be supported later on.

For 4K HDR gaming at 60FPS, you'll a need 35mbps but if you don't have that, that's OK. Stadia will even adjust down to 10mbps where you'll get to play at 720P, 60FPS and various speeds in between. The Google data centers will handle all the processing so all you'll need is a thin client such as the ones mentioned to play.

One of problems that they tackle and I'm interested to see how they address it is latency with a setup like this. They're going to be launching with Mortal Kombat 11 and you'll definitely need a fast response time for that type of game. If Stadia can handle something like that, it'll really be a game changer for this type of technology.

Balldur's Gate III, from the people that made Divinity: Original Sin, will also be a title available on Stadia. A lot of us has been waiting for a sequel to the second game, and Stadia will be one of the platforms that you can play it on.

Of course, there's great deal of different types of games Stadia will be offering, from small indie titles to large AAA games. $10 a month will give you access to Stadia Pro, where you'll get content added to your library every month and up to 4K HDR 5.1 gaming. Without Pro, you're limited to 1080P gaming.

Google's offering limited Founder's Edition that consists of a Chromecast Ultra, controller, 3 months of Stadia for you and a friend, and the full Destiny 2 experience for $129. If you want the controller only, $70 will let you take one home.

But, you don't need to get anything to play on Stadia. Plug a controller to your PC, download the client, setup your account, and you're good to go. Or for those with a Chromecast Ultra already and a Bluetooth controller, you're good as well.

All in all, Stadia looks like it has a lot to offer. Will it be a successful venture for Google and gamers? Only time will tell.