This guy makes a compelling case for why Nintendo should make Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time in VR

by: Nicholas -
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If you've kept up with the advancements in gaming tech over the past few years, then by now you know that Nintendo has made a bit of a breakthrough. With the Switch and Labo's, Nintendo has made gains in contemporary gaming, but I've yet to hear of or really feel compelled to partake in any of its offerings. 

So enter a proposal from Super Bunnyhop. A YouTuber with a host of interests in the gaming field, from employment woes to the potential of edutainment, his most recent video dives into the potential of classic games in VR.

Starting off with an analysis of Nintendo Labo's current offerings, he makes a pretty clear case for why, in its current state, it doesn't have a lot of offerings. Minigames are fun, but when there are titles like Fallout and Skrim in VR, which one seems more fun? It also doesn't help when he points out that, when Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey in VR modes, that their graphical output is less than ideal. 

Thankfully, however, Nintendo has fans that are more than willing to pick up the slack. Here is where Dolphin VR comes in. A project for converting classic Nintendo games into VR entries, Super Bunnyhop examines the pros and cons of this emulator for classic Gamecube and N64 titles. 

It's a great video with some great ideas. Watch below.