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Battlefield V's new Mercury map makes it debut

by: Nicholas -
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In its slow, steady, but continuing rollout of maps and game modes, DICE has launched a new map for Battlefield V.

Titled Mercury, it takes Battlefield to the island of Crete, site of a German invasion in WWII. Being an avid supporter of this game, I've already had the chance to check the map out in two game modes. 

While Breakthrough and Conquest Grind make many of Battlefield V's maps linear affairs, that doesn't detract from the scope and variety of the maps themselves. It's the same story here. In Breakthrough, defending players can take advantage of the map's steady vertical structure, with invading players being forced to either climb a hill or flank, depending on the bases they choose to go after. It's a thrilling spectacle. 

Conquest, on the other hand, is the same, outspread chaos that that game mode makes for all its maps. But it's still fun. 

Mercury is out now.