Selma and the Wisp floats onto Switch May 31st

by: Sean Colleli -
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Toucan Studio's artful puzzle-platformer Selma and the Wisp is the latest in a long line of indie games getting a new lease on life on Nintendo Switch. In the game you play as an ethereal forest sprite who guides a missing girl home, through a series of challenging and darkly evocative levels. The game received mixed reviews when it arrived on Steam a couple years ago, but perhaps it will gain newfound appreciation when it arrives on the eShop this Friday.

"Coming May 31 this year on Nintendo Switch a dark platformer with an artistic flair will be available – Selma and the Wisp. In the game, the player is a forest skylight that guides a lost girl through a sleepy and terrifying world. Selma and the Wisp stands out, among other things, with its unique artwork and innovative gameplay model...".