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EVE Online trailer captures the chatty nature of the game better than you'd expect

by: Randy -
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EVE Online: Invasion hits next week, May 28. Invasion marks the 44th expansion in the sci-fi MMO's impressive 16-year run. The Triglavians are some new bad guys in the EVE universe that are impolitely introducing themselves to the player base for the first time. They have cool-looking ships with red-glowy parts! They emerge from the Abyss on Tuesday, with the intensity of the invasion growing in the following days and weeks.

The Invasion expansion further brings industry changes to accommodate the new Tech II Triglavian ship hulls, brand new skills for Triglavian invention and manufacturing, along with new Tech II Triglavian components, datacores, and some tweaks to Triglavian ship and module production. It's a whole thing. There brings changes to War Declarations, quality-of-life improvements to the User Interface, defect fixes, graphical corrections, etc., etc. You may read the full patch notes here if you've got 10 full minutes to spare.

Like the 43 expansions before it, Invasion is free. But, whether you can access 100 percent of Invasion's content depends on your subscription level. If you're a non-subscriber playing for free, you won't have access to the new Tech II Triglavian ships and higher-tier stuff like that. Subscribers do.

Either way, I love these EVE cinematic trailers that—while not capturing actual gameplay—do capture the spirit of the kind of chat you can find in game. When done right, like in this case, EVE Online is able to get away with that kind of chatter in an official trailer better than most games.