Mechanic Miner looks like Terraria plus DIY vehicular shenanigans

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Mechanic Miner looks like a good time. A jaunty, ginger-bearded steampunk engineer, sourcing dozens of vehicle pieces and parts to construct, has to negotiate pitfalls and hostile alien wildlife. The gameplay looks very you-buy-it, you-break-it. Like Terraria for gear heads. Put spikes on it. Put saw blades on it. Heck yeah put more wheels and gears and tracks on that bad boy.

Mechanic Miner is a sandbox builder with randomized environments. You scavenge resources, mine stuff, fight things, and research tech. The machines you build range from submarines to air balloons to spiderbots. And it's not just beasts you have to fend off. The terrain and surrounding elements can be just as deadly as the monstrosities. The sand worm in this video is totally great, though. Game Director Finn Nielsen had this to say in a press release:

In my spare time I began working on a game about engineering…this was seven years ago and it turns out I haven’t been able to stop! The team and I wanted to create an authentic world where players can make real, working machines. Once we put out a closed alpha an exceptional community grew around the game that helped us develop it so much. We look forward to the players enjoying the game that we have made with this amazing community.

With this having launched on Steam Early Access on May 22, five-person development team Hello John (not Hello Games) says there's more to come. It's taken Hello John seven years to get to this point, working from their admittedly cramped studio in Denmark, so I hope they start seeing some return on their investment.

Fantastical machine builder
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22nd May, 2019 - Danish development team Hello John is pleased to announce Mechanic Miner launches today on PC Early Access. Available on Steam for €14.99 / £14.99 / $17.99 with a special launch week discount of 15% off!

Mechanic Miner is sandbox builder where you construct crazy steam-powered machines, collect resources and acquire new technologies to help you survive a hostile alien planet. Limited only by your imagination; create a fleet of steampunk machines ranging from submarines, air balloons or spiderbots to traverse deadly terrain, protect you from the elements and survive encounters with malformed monstrosities.

Take part in the adventure in Story mode, where procedural environments ensure each run feels different. Tick off the challenges, scour the environments for resources, mine, fight, and research new technologies to prevail. With over 50 physically-simulated building parts (and more to come), player creations will be as varied as the challenges they face. Your imagination and your ability to source the required components will be the key to your survival.