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Tropico 6 adds multiplayer save, fans rejoice

by: Dave -
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Well, "rejoice" might be too strong - "relieved" probably better suits the mood of Tropico 6 multiplayer aficionados who were distressed to find, after hours of play, that there was no facility for saving their game. This has been rectified in the latest release.

This is just the beginning of improvements to be made, and Kalypso is preparing to reveal a full roadmap soon with a more detailed outline of features and improvements currently in development. Kalypso also states that they welcome further fan feedback and invites all Tropico 6 players to get in touch via the Steam Community, the Kalypso forums, Twitter and Facebook with their thoughts and ideas on the game so far.

The Steam forums in particular were quite strident about the lack of a multiplayer save function and it is now clear that the folks at Kalypso were listening.