Afterlight looks like Inside in a GLaDOS universe and I'm not even mad

by: Randy -
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Afterlight is a 2.5D sidescroller taking place on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Not on accident, I'm guessing, Afterlight feels like it could take place in the same gaming universe as Inside. Remember Inside? I will never forget Inside. Three of us here at Gaming Nexus ended up reviewing Inside, and we gave it a 9.0, 9.5, and 9.8.

But that was Inside. This is Afterlight. You're the lone survivor of a nasty ship accident on Titan. "This journey," the developers say, "is about trust and forced friendship, perception, and psychological traumas—as a metaphor for toxic relationships in desperate [scenarios]." This is a puzzle-adventure game with a lot of environmental-narrative points. You are Xin, the astronaut that has to update the mission's corrupted AI so that you can send out a distress beacon and call for rescue. Hostile AI? Time to turn it off then turn it back on again.

This is the first outing from eight-person indie developer Silent Road Games, based in the insanely gorgeous Mediterranean resort city of Malaga, Spain. Afterlight draws architectural and artistic inspiration from the unconventional and experimental Lebbeus Woods. 

You can crowdfund Afterlight on Kickstarter, or wishlist it on Steam. It's coming to PC in 2020, though its stretch goals may eventually get it on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.