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Check out the history behind one of the biggest characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms

by: Nicholas -
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Creative Assembly, the studio behind Total War: Three Kingdoms, has been on top of getting the word out on their upcoming title. Included among the Let's Plays, now though, is a bit of actual history, courtesy of the YouTube channel Invicta, behind one of the game's larger than life characters, Dong Zhuo. 

If you've checked out my posts on the histories behind the games Return of the Obra Dinn or Far Cry 2, then you'll already know I'd be a sucker for this. 

Clocking in at fifteen minutes, it's a highlight reel of how Dong Zhuo, once a frontier warlord for the Han Dynasty, rose to power once the family collapsed, soon moving into the capital and taking their youngest hostage, thus setting the stage for the Three Kingdoms conflict.

It's a fascinating watch. Check it out below. Total War: Three Kingdoms, comes out May 23rd.