Lovecraft's Untold Stories creeps onto consoles next week

by: Sean Colleli -
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Publisher Badland Indie and developer Blini Games have announced that their eldritch Roguelite horror RPG, Lovecraft's Untold Stories, will make its console debut on May 10th. The game launched back in January on Steam and arrived a week later on GOG. I have to admit, the game was a touch creaky on launch, but Russia-based studio Blini Games really took their fans' feedback to heart. They've been balancing and expanding the game ever since, which has resulted in a far more rounded, enjoyable and playable experience. Their hard work paid off, and their game now has a strong review average on Steam.

Unlike the multitude of Lovecraft-inspired titles junking up Steam--which mostly amount to walking simulators masquerading as "detective" games--Lovecraft's Untold Stories is one of the few games that understands its source material. Its randomly-generated levels are packed with smart references to the Mythos, and insanity is a constant companion for each of the five playable characters. As you play the game, you must ferret out secret levels and arcane documents to learn about the Old Ones, slowly inoculating yourself against their madness. But you also must keep your wits about you, and have the discretion to know when it's better to leave well enough alone. If you forge ahead blindly and fail to take precautions, your character's mind is sure to unravel, and they'll even kill themselves to escape. Now that's a Lovecraft game!

It's a little sad to say, but out of all the pretenders, the one developer to really get the Cthulhu Mythos is a small team in Russia making a plucky pixel-art RPG on the Unity engine. I haven't played a game that understands cosmic horror this well since Eternal Darkness, and Lovecraft fans know that's no faint praise. You'll definitely want to keep your eyes on this one.

The Roguelite inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft reaches consoles.

Lovecraft's Untold Stories will be released on May 10th for PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

Madrid, Spain, May 3rd, 2019: Some months after its debut on Steam, the Action RPG Roguelite from Blini Games, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, reaches all main consoles: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Lovecraft's Untold Stories combines action and RPG with a roguelite gameplay, in a universe inspired by Lovecraft's works, where you'll find all sorts of Myth monsters and all kinds of challenges that will test your sanity during the game.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. You will experience first-hand the cosmic horror created by the genius of Providence. Every character will go through an investigation that will take them through different locations, from the creepy old Victorian mansion to the abandoned hospital where forbidden experiments take place or the jungle where lost tribes celebrate forgotten rituals, just to name a few.

Levels are randomly generated: it will be a different experience every time you play. Also, they vary depending on the character you’re playing with. Look for items and clues to unlock secrets and new stories!

5 characters, 5 ways of fighting the Mythos.

You can play as 5 different characters, each with a different playstyle and storyline. A private detective, a witch, a thief, a professor, and even a ghoul—each with different stats, weapons, and combat moves, creating five entirely different gameplay experiences.

The Detective offers a balanced playstyle, with average Health and Stamina. The Professor is a specialist in ranged combat, with less Health and a special shield granted by his weapon, the Tillinghast. The Witch does a lot of damage, has teleport abilities and elemental shields of fire and ice, but also a very low Health. The Thief is a specialist in melée combat that takes advantage of its stealth to maximize her damage. The ghoul does a lot of melée damage, has a high Health and regenerates itself, but can’t use medkits at all.

Madness Awaits...

Insanity crawls behind every corner for those who face the Mythos. In your investigations, you will face different situations where you have to choose what to do – make the wrong decision and you will start losing your mind. In order to face the Great Old Ones, you need knowledge, and to find it you have to explore – but the more you explore the more events that shake your sanity you will find… Those who go mad under the influence of the Mythos take their own life to escape the eternal terror they are now looking at. Not all hope is lost, though – there are some ways to recover your sanity…

Main features:

Fight hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos in this intense action roguelite.

Explore Lovecraft’s stories: every character has a storyline that crosses randomly generated levels set in different locations from Lovecraft’s stories, such as the hospital, the jungle, or the port city just to name a few.

Face the Great Old Ones: Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth await you in special levels.

Investigate thoroughly: explore every corner to find secret levels and knowledge about the Great Old Ones

Learn about the Mythos to fight them: to have a chance at fighting the Great Old Ones you need to acquire knowledge about them, or their mere presence will drive you insane.

Madness awaits: in the course of your adventures you will have to make some decisions, and taking the wrong ones will shake your sanity. If it gets too low, you will start losing your mind – and if you go mad you will take your own life to escape the horror.

Pick your hero: Choose between 5 different characters, detective, the thief, the professor, the witch, and the ghoul.
Different playstyles: every investigator has a different combat style and skills, but levels also vary depending on who you’re playing them with – so the gameplay experience is totally different.

Collect and improve weapons, items, and artifacts. Each character has a set of weapons and items, and there are hundreds of other items you can find and use!

Look for clues and special items to unlock secrets and new stories.