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Gearbox shows off Borderlands 3

by: John -
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Today, Gearbox Software finally let loose the first look at Borderlands 3. It's what you would expect. The cell-shaded graphics, the gunplay, the looting. Oh, the looting.

Something new that I really like and it's an option is instance looting. Like say Diablo 3, you'll get loot that drop for you and picking it up won't take it away from your co-op buddies ability to do this as well. No more fighting each over to quickly grab a gun. Again, this is an option you can turn on or off.

Also, the game scales to your level so if your friends are higher level and playing with you, enemies will be tougher for them than for you. This way, everyone can play together and not be frustrated because of the dynamic scaling of enemies.

At this point in the video, you can see the disposable weapons. Some guns will have different abilities when tossed such as the gun with legs. Some can shoot out missiles. There looks to be a lot of different abilities. It's pretty slick.

September 13th will be the release date for Borderlands 3 and they are touting it to be the biggest Borderlands game yet. Fans of the past games, this looks like it's going to be a blast.

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