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The Stage is set for Total War: Three Kingdoms

by: Nicholas -
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Total War: Three Kingdoms is just a few weeks away. With plenty of PR buzz beforehand, people who have been keeping up with Creative Assembly's marketing probably know what's up with the game as a whole. But in case anyone needed a reminder, they're back to offer a last minute update on who's battling for the throne of China in the Three Kingdoms period. 

Spanning a list too long to count here, among the usual suspects are Dong Zhuo, Caio Caio, and Liu Bei, different power brokers arising in the aftermath of the crumbling Han Dynasty. But in addition to that there are many others, from siblings forming a tenuous partnership to old allies deciding whether or not to keep up their ties, to even outlaws vying for their own territory. 

Described as "the most ambitious" entry in the series, it releases May 23rd.