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Free DLC and weekly challenges coming to Days Gone starting June

by: Randy -
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Days Gone goes live this Friday, April 26, but this won't be a fire-and-forget launch. Free DLC for the Oregon biker post-apocalypse kicks off in June. You'll need an internet connection to get all of it, but it'll include a new difficulty mode, plus weekly Bike, Horde, and Combat challenges.

The game ships with Easy, Normal, and Hard modes, but Survival mode hits the main menu in June. Survival mode means no fast travel, no Survival Vision (which normally puts a marker over anything you can loot, and also helps you track animals and footprints), and removes the HUD (maps and indicators) from the gameplay screen. The Bike, Horde, and Combat challenges will come up with ways to test your gameplay skills. More info coming. You'll earn new trophies and unique bike skins for conquering these challenges.

The video above details your bike. Your transportation is, as you can imagine, rather important in an open world game of any size. Unless you feel like hoofing it from camp to camp, you'd better learn how to take care of your mount. Refuel, repair, and reconfigure. Upgrade, repaint, and get ready to ride. 

Again, Days Gone is coming April 26 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.