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Trine: Ultimate Collection will bundle the entire collection into a single package

by: Rob -
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If it was only the first three installments in the series, it would be the perfect way to get up to speed before the fourth installment hits the stores; but Trine: Ultimate Edition is set to include all four games in one bundle. Given that it will include that 4th game that is yet to be released and only coming this fall, expect the Ultimate Edition to eventually see a fall 2019 release as well, although pre-orders are open now.

Trine is a fantastic like 2.5D puzzle platformer that has you rotating between the roles and abilities of thief, knight, and wizard to overcome obstacles and push forward to the end. We gave the initial game an 8.5 and the first sequel an 8.9 as the game continued to evolve from strength to strength. Trine 4: The Nightmare King will bring the series back after a 4 year hiatus since the 3rd.