Fade to Silence gets a new trailer a week ahead of full release

by: Rob -
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Leaving Early Access and releasing in a week, THQNordic's post-apocalyptic survival game has a new trailer backgrounded by an awesome rendition of the Pixies' classic "Where is My Mind." Fade to Silence promises to blend the frailty of resource gathering in a space, frozen landscape with a puzzling story. Some highlights from the press release: 

  • Explore a vast winter landscape: From a frozen river delta to once-lush farmlands and dense forests, each area features a myriad of locations to explore.
  • Tense atmosphere and unforgiving gameplay. This is a strategist’s game.
  • Wolf Sled Expeditions: Pack your sled, take a follower with you, and go on long-term expeditions into the farthest regions.
  • Recruit followers to get access to better gear, enabling you to survive the cold environment and increasingly dangerous creatures.
  • An exploration mode lets you roam the world and experience the story at your own pace.
  • Lead your followers and keep them alive. You will face harsh choices.

Any game that lets me have a doggy companion piques my interest, but this one also seems to hit all the right notes after that. Looking forward to seeing what it's all about. 

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