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Only seven days until the Days Gone zombie apocalypse

by: Randy -
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[Update: Swapped out with a better video, one that looks with more detail into the world of Days Gone.]

Days Gone, the open world biker zombie action-adventure title launches next week, at midnight Eastern, on April 26. This one is from in-house Sony developer Bend Studio. Best known for their work on the Siphon Filter series, Bend Studio has also geared up their adventure gaming skills with a couple Uncharted games—Golden Abyss and Fight for Fortune—on the PlayStation Vita. Days Gone, however, marks their first major console release since 2007's Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

In Days Gone, you're Deacon, a tough but tenderhearted SOB that's managed to survive the "Freaker" apocalypse up in the Pacific Northwest. Get your gun, get your motorcycle, and scavenge enough ammo and gasoline to keep both of them full. Enjoy blowing up Freaker nests, running from hordes, dodge-rolling other hatchet-wielding jerks, going all Dukes of Hazard off bike-damaging jumps, and power slide around nitro-boosted corners on wet pavement. Could be fun.

Again, you can be playing Days Gone on PS4 the moment the clock ticks over into Friday, April 26. Your significant other and/or neighbors will have to deal with the sound of a lot of gunshots, zombie screaming, and motorcycle revving filling your home, though.