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Gearbox released a new video that recaps the story of the original Borderlands

by: Russell -
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It's understandable that there are some people who are interested in Borderlands 3 but have never played the other games yet. In fact I have a co-worker who's going through the first two games to get ready so he can keep up with the story. If you're one of those people, Gearbox has you covered with a new series of videos that recaps the Borderlands story so far. In the first video, master storyteller Marcus explains the story of the first group of vault hunters as they try to find the pieces of the vault key and discover just what's in the vault...that is until the Atlas Corporation steals the key for themselves which turns out to not be that great of an idea. This video stops at the end of the original Borderlands, but I'd guess that there will be more to come, at least for the other two main games.