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Latest Inside the Vault details new weekly challenges and rewards

by: Dan -
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Its time for Bethesda's weekly Inside the Vault post about Fallout 76, and this week it is centered on weekly challenges and rewards from May 7th - Jun 17th.  During the six week period, you can take on any of the weekly challenges, complete the objectives in order to claim a Legendary Weapon as a reward.  Below are the weeks, dates, challenges and rewards, with details on each after the jump:

Week 7: May 7 – 13
Challenge: "Stake your Claim on the Wasteland"
Reward: “Resolute Veteran” — Legendary Gatling Gun

Week 8: May 14 – 20
Challenge: "Team Up"
Reward: “Commander's Charge” — Legendary Revolutionary Sword

Week 9: May 21 – 27
Challenge: "See the Light"
Reward: “Night Light” — Legendary Tesla Rifle

Week 10: May 28 – June 3
Challenge: "Go on a Fishing Expedition"
Reward: “Kingfisher” — Legendary Harpoon Gun

Week 11: June 4 – 10
Challenge: "Succumb to Depravity"
Reward: “Unstoppable Monster” — Legendary Deathclaw Gauntlet

Week 12: June 11 – 17
Challenge: “Down on the Farm”
Reward: “Salt of the Earth” — Legendary Double-barrel shotgun

In addition, the post outlines some recent Survival Improvements, Scoreboard updates, changes to Adventure Mode C.A.M.P. damage and some changes in the fundamental way you construct your C.A.M.P. structures.  You can check out all the details after the jump, or on the official blog post page.

Upcoming Weekly Challenges and Rewards

Each week in Survival Mode, you can claim a different legendary reward by completing Weekly Challenges. We’re continuing to add new Challenges and rewards on a regular basis, and we’d like to give you a sneak peek at the next six legendary weapons that will be up for grabs over the coming weeks.

Week 7: May 7 – 13

Challenge: "Stake your Claim on the Wasteland"

  • Objectives (Complete all three):
    • Claim a Workshop
    • Build a Turret, Trap, or Defensive Structure in a Workshop or your C.A.M.P.
    • Kill a Human-like Creature

Reward: “Resolute Veteran” — Legendary Gatling Gun

  • Reduce your target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • +50 Damage Resistance while aiming
Week 8: May 14 – 20

Challenge: "Team Up"

  • Objectives (Complete all four):
    • Claim a Workshop while on a Team
    • Complete a Quest while on a Team
    • Kill a Scorchbeast while on a Team
    • Revive a Player while on a Team

Reward: “Commander's Charge” — Legendary Revolutionary Sword

  • 40% faster swing speed
  • Damage increased after each consecutive hit on the same target
  • +1 Agility
Week 9: May 21 – 27

Challenge: "See the Light"

  • Objectives (Complete all four):
    • Kill a Firefly
    • Kill an Enemy with an Energy Weapon
    • Take a Camera Picture in Stormy Weather
    • Build a light in a Workshop or C.A.M.P.

Reward: “Night Light” — Legendary Tesla Rifle

  • Damage increases at night and decreases during the day
  • 25% faster fire rate
  • +1 Perception
Week 10: May 28 – June 3

Challenge: "Go on a Fishing Expedition"

  • Objectives (Complete all four):
    • Kill an Aquatic or Semi-aquatic Creature
    • Cook a Meal using meat from an Aquatic Creature
    • Claim the Workshop: Lakeside Cabins
    • Complete a Quest or Event in the Cranberry Bog

Reward: “Kingfisher” — Legendary Harpoon Gun

  • +30% damage to Mirelurks and bugs
  • V.A.T.S. critical shots do +50% damage
  • Your V.A.T.S. critical meter fills 15% faster
Week 11: June 4 – 10

Challenge: "Succumb to Depravity"

  • Objectives (Complete all five):
    • Cook a Meal while Intoxicated
    • Eat Raw Meat
    • Kill a Critter while Starving
    • Kill a Human-like Creature with a Melee Weapon
    • Claim a Workshop while Mutated

Reward: “Unstoppable Monster” — Legendary Deathclaw Gauntlet

  • Does more damage the lower your health is.
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • Take 40% less damage while power attacking
Week 12: June 11 – 17Challenge: “Down on the Farm”
  • Objectives (Complete all five):
    • Plant a Crop in your C.A.M.P. or Workshops
    • Harvest a Wild Plant or Fungus
    • Milk a Brahmin successfully
    • Kill a Creature with a Farm Tool
    • Claim the Workshop at Billings Homestead

Reward: “Salt of the Earth” — Legendary Double-barrel shotgun

  • Shoots an additional projectile
  • +10% damage while aiming
  • 15% faster reload

Recent Survival Improvements

In case you haven’t had the chance to head into Survival Mode lately, we made several improvements based on community suggestions when we released Patch 8 earlier this month. We significantly reduced the amount of Aid items players drop when they die, as well as the number of Caps that trade hands when players kill each other. We also switched the primary scoreboard stat from “Longest Life” to “Player Kills”, meaning the top three players are now highlighted on other players’ maps based on the number of dwellers they’ve dropped, rather than how long they’ve managed to stay alive.

We believe these have been positive changes for the Survival Beta overall, and we’d like to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts on the new mode with us so far.

Scoreboard Updates

As mentioned above, we recently changed the primary scoreboard stat in Survival from “Longest Life” to “Player Kills”. We had been planning to change up the primary stat regularly by rotating through all our current Survival stats, such as “XP Gained” and “Enemies Killed”, so that we can evaluate your feedback on each and keep the scoreboard feeling fresh. However, we’d like to hear directly from you. Let us know which Survival stat you prefer most by voting in our poll in the Fallout 76 forums on Bethesda.net.

Your votes will help us further evaluate and place more emphasis on the stats that the Survival community feels are the most impactful as we discuss additional scoreboard improvements we can make in future updates.

Adventure Mode C.A.M.P. Damage Protections

When we originally launched the Survival Beta with Patch 7.5 last month, we made an Adventure Mode change to prevent you from taking attack damage from players you are not hostile against (a.k.a. “slap” damage). At that time, we had also mentioned that we planned to bring similar damage protections to Adventure Mode players’ C.A.M.P.s in the future. This is a change that will prevent other players’ attacks from dealing damage to objects and structures you’ve built in your C.A.M.P. so long as you (or your Turrets) are not hostile against those players. We’re excited to let you know that we’re currently planning to roll this out with Patch 9 in early May.

“Foundational” C.A.M.P. Adjustment

With Patch 9, we’re also planning to make it easier to construct your C.A.M.P. by removing the requirement that all of a structure’s foundations must be placed on terrain. Once this is implemented, only the first foundation piece you place will need to be built on terrain, all subsequent foundations you snap to that original piece will then ignore this rule. While this change doesn’t apply to Workshops, it should help you build more freely in your C.A.M.P. and will make it easier to place or re-locate large C.A.M.P. structures.

Stay on the lookout for next week’s Inside the Vault, where we plan to share a preview of some of the new quests and features you can expect from our impending Ever Upwards Wild Appalachia Update in May.