Epic Games outlines best practices for account security

by: Dan -
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Something that flew a bit under the radar yesterday was a lengthy blog post by Epic Games which outlines best security practices for your Epic game account and where the company has been and wants to go for account security in the future.  While there is not a looming threat right now, the company states they have dealt with botnets creating false accounts, forums being hijacked as well as individual accounts being hacked (due to outside compromises) over the years.

Having said that, Epic wants everyone to know that they should be utilizing one of the two Multi-Factor Authentication (e-mail or app-based authentication) options to protect your account.  In addition, future accounts will soon be required to go through e-mail verification and the company plans to roll out SMS text authentication as well.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to use every tool you have to protect your gaming accounts as well as never share your log in information regardless of the platform or game store you are using.