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Sony next-gen console rumors start to convert to facts

by: Dan -
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Over the last few months, there have been persistence rumors regarding the upcoming Sony Next-Gen console (PlayStation 5/PS5?).  Some have been about the hardware, the release date and a lot about backwards comparability.  Some of those rumors are now being clarified as facts based on a recent exclusive interview that developer Mark Cerny had with Wired.  Based on his interview, here are some of the key points on the upcoming Sony Next-gen console:

  • The PS5 has been in development for 4 years 
  • It will be after 2019 before the console hits retail
  • Sony recently accelerated deployment of devkits and numerous studios are already working with them
  • Cerny acted as lead system architect for this console as he did for PS4 to give developers point of view
  • Will use AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores and new 7nm Zen 2 architecture
  • The GPU will be custom, taking shape from Raedon Navi family of processors and it WILL support Ray Tracing
  • The AMD chip also supports 3D audio, so expect to see some developers explore that area in-game to enhance the experience
  • Will incorporate a Solid-state Drive (SSD) for internal storage instead of old platter HDD
    • Allows games to load more quickly and render faster

Cerny is currently working as a technical producer for the Hideo Kojima game Death Stranding, and with his intimate knowledge of the PS5, a new rumor to consider is that Death Stranding will not make it onto the PS4, but become a launch title for the PS5 in 2020.  I just made that up, but seems like a strong possibility.....