Frostpunk blazing its way to consoles this summer

by: Kinsey -
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You guys asked, and 11 bit studios listened. Frostpunk, the Bafta-nominated strategy game, is officially heading to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this summer, and it's looking to be a good adaptation. Great effort is going into redesigning the game for optimal performance on consoles, focusing on a smooth transition to the new platforms. They're paying special attention to adapting the interface for controllers, so we'll hopefully see a very streamlined playing experience when we trade our mouse for our controller. The console edition will include all the previous free updates from the PC version including The Fall of Winterhome scenario, additional customization options, balance tweaks, and difficulty settings, with more content updates planned for the future.

In case you're late to the Frostpunk train—like me—the game weaves a story of how our planet mysteriously freezes, ending civilization as we know it and forcing us to adapt. As the leader of quite possibly the last civilized society on Earth, you must build the city your survivors live in, discover new technologies, explore frozen wastelands, and manage and rule society to prepare it for life in an unforgiving world. It's all about the choices, and they're not always cut and dry.

We don't know exactly when we can get our hands on the game, but lead designer Kuba Stokalski says that they're close to the finish line; "We don't want to reveal the exact release date yet, but I can say that the game should be out in the summer."