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The gameplay overview of World War Z makes things look equally chaotic and, thankfully, fun

by: Nicholas -
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World War Z, the adaptation of that one movie into a co-op based multiplayer game, launches on April 16th. So in order to prepare us for the horde, Saber and Focus Home Interactive have put together an overview of how players can expect things to play out once they press start.

Intertwining stealth, competent AI, and chaotic gunplay, stages start out quiet. Players are meant to be stealthy, as they may be low on resources. If they decide to go all out, the narrator states that they can expect a horde of undead to come their way.

He also states that, if the AI detects that players are progressing too easily, that they can also expect a hungry bunch waiting around the corner. But if players are running low on health, a boon of heavy turrets, mortars, or rocket launchers may blessedly appear.

There are also special zombies, such as gas bags, which can envelop the team in some nasty gas; screamers, which attract more zombies; and even tank-like zombies decked out in SWAT armor. How nice.

I haven't been too keen on checking this game out, mostly because of how I felt about the film, which wasn't good. But with just the gameplay presented here, with its settings and graphical fidelity, I feel like the presentation actually stands out. Plus, it's been a while since I've gotten into a good zombie co-op game.

Expect World War Z to launch April 16th. Watch the overview below.

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