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Borderlands 3 brings a bazillion guns this September

by: Randy -
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The original looter shooter is back on September 13. We're talking Borderlands 3, the newest addition to the Borderlands series. Developer Gearbox Software is still at the helm, and its brand of Wild West post-apocalyptic punk is still one of the most visually distinctive around.

I've been away from the series since its inception in 2009. Ten years later, this one's got me excited. Maybe the timing is just right. I'm hungry for an unapologetic, spastic, clown shoes amount of explosive action to happen every time I pull those gamepad triggers. 

The Calypso Twins are the baddies in Borderlands 3, looking like a grungy dubstep analogue for the band Die Antwoord. Plus you've got a thousand henchmen to drop along the way, with damage popping out of their heads, ammo popping out of loot boxes, and guns raining from the sky like strip club dollar bills. There are a lot of looter shooters out there nowadays, but few, if any, are as filthy (in a good way) and nasty (in a good way) as Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 will be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13. Note: the Epic Game Store gets a six-month exclusive on PC. It'll come to additional PC digital storefronts (e.g. Steam) in April 2020.