Razer Chroma is now integrated with Apex Legends

by: Kinsey -
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Whether you're fully immersed in the "Cult of Razer" (god, I love Razer products, but hate that name) or just want to enjoy some cool lighting while you play Apex Legends, you're in luck. Apex Legends is the most recent title to be integrated with Razer Chroma's lighting ecosystem, allowing all Chroma-enabled devices to display lighting effects based on in-game events.

Razer Chroma effects activate in Apex Legends in response to the following:

  • Opening Apex Packs and rewards 
  • Notifications as you fire, heal and take damage
  • Alerts when your Ultimate is ready
  • Smoke trails when skydiving
  • Pick up loot of different rarity (i.e. white, blue, purple, gold)