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Weekly Developer update and One-Year Anniversary Trailer for Sea of Thieves launched

by: Dan -
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As Sea of Thieves reaches its One-year anniversary, the folks at Rare have been planning a big celebration and have dropped a couple of videos to explain the big news.  First up is the official trailer for the Anniversary Update for the game, which will be available on April 30th:

As the trailer teases, there will be several significant updates to the game including adding in a competitive mode known as The Arena, a new storyline in Tall Tales - Shores of Gold, Trading Company that deals in hunting and fishing called the The Hunter's Call and a slew of new features and game improvements.  All of which are outlines below and on the official site:

A New Golden Age Begins
Marking a year of unbridled pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves presents the Anniversary Update: an expanded and enriched experience that builds on last year’s maiden voyage in a whole range of game-changing ways. The Anniversary Update brings you more ways to embrace the pirate life than ever before, including a host of new gameplay features and two major additions in the form of The Arena and Tall Tales - Shores of Gold. Follow immersive new quests, fish and cook for your crew and engage in thrilling contests of skill! Both Sea of Thieves and its legendary community are growing – now’s the perfect time to set sail.

Glory Awaits in The Arena
The Arena allows you to get straight to the heart of the action in the new competitive mode. Pit your ship and your crew against others in a distinct game mode which will continue to grow in parallel to the Sea of Thieves adventure experience. Trust in your crew and prove your prowess in a purely competitive setting. After a vicious battle, share a grog with your rivals in the Glorious Sea Dog tavern, home to a new Trading Company led by the heroes of the Sea of Thieves comic series!

A Grand Adventure to the Shores of Gold
Tall Tales - Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features. Fans of the expanded game universe will recognise some of the iconic characters and locations in Shores of Gold, yet this is only the beginning of a series of Tall Tales that will allow players to immerse themselves in the legends of Sea of Thieves.

Hear The Hunter’s Call
The Hunter’s Call is an all-new type of Trading Company that brings long-awaited fishing and cooking capabilities to the Sea of Thieves! Led by the returning wanderer Merrick, The Hunter’s Call offers gold and cosmetic rewards, as well as another path to Pirate Legend in exchange for your best prizes and food. Master the art of fishing from shore and from ship, hunt animals and monsters for their meat and cook up delicious (or occasionally poisonous) food.

Treacherous Waters
The Anniversary Update also brings along various world improvements to enhance the core experience. Expanded ship damage means that your beloved vessel can suffer a broken mast, capstan or even wheel, meaning that sailing and escaping battle could get very tricky indeed. Meanwhile, the arrival of the harpoon means that treasure can be nabbed by a skilled enemy and ships can make some surprising manoeuvres. Don’t get comfortable on land either! New and terrifying foes arrive in Shores of Gold – figures arising from legend, packing deadly surprises. Even simple exploration comes with additional risk thanks to traps that must be carefully navigated to avoid disaster. The Sea of Thieves can be a perilous place for the unwary…

In addition, Joe Neate, Executive Produce, is back with his weekly developer update.  Joe talks about the gifts that are being provided to players that started being distributed as of March 20th.  For anyone that played in year one, they will be given Captain Bones Original Pirate Cutlass (will appear in your weapons chest), those that achieved Pirate Legend prior to March 20th at 10:00 a.m. GMT, you will be getting a range of new Golden Legendary cosmetic items (watch the video starting at the :50 mark to hear the list).  The update will also be introducing new mercenary voyages, including a gilded mercenary voyage just for pirate legends.  Joe also spends the majority of the video talking about the Anniversary Update, so to get the inside scoop take a watch.