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The Division 2 on PC, optimized for AMD

by: Rob -
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Frame rates, particle details, lighting and shadows, core optimization, environmental destruction; these are just a few of the visual features of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 powered by and optimized on an AMD card, and Ubisoft has the trailer to prove it. Catch that video below. If you're planning on playing on a PC, can't hurt to get the most out of the experience, but let's be realistic, the video card is the single most critical (ie most expensive) component in a gaming PC build. So while it's unlikely you're going to upgrade for a single game, chalk another tally on the AMD side vs Nvidia in the ongoing race to see who has most powerful and/or most optimized cards for the games you love. 

The Division 2 releases this Friday, March 15th. However those who have purchased the Gold or Ultimate edition already have access to the game. 

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