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You can play as the bad guy in Total War: Three Kingdoms

by: Nicholas -
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Total War: Three Kingdoms, out May 23rd, is a big game. Spanning Chinese military history in the Three Kingdoms period, it is a complex real-time strategy game with plenty of tactical maneuvering.

A big part of the marketing has been the objective of taking down the perceived big bad, Dong Zhuo, however, in new Let's Play, we finally get to see what it's like to take on the role of the antagonist. 

Players can control Dong Zhuo either by reaching the rank of Emperor, or "by beating Dong Zhuo on the battlefield at any time." Dev Jordan takes us through a brisk ten minutes of campaigning in control of Dong Zhuo. Although Dong Zhuo has some great buffs, he is at a disadvantage with so many factions allied against him or in control of critical territories. 

It's another look at the complex happenings in the title, take a look for yourself.