The trailer for Doom Annihilation is out, and it looks worse than we could have ever imagined

by: Nathan -
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Just when you thought it wasn't possible to create a worse Doom movie than the one with The Rock and Karl Urban, Doom Annihilation comes along and says "hold my BFG" because good lord this looks atrocious. The last time Annihilation was in the title of a video game movie, we got Mortal Kombat Annihilation and  we all know how horrible that movie is.

My only question is, why? What was the point of this? Who asked for this? It looks so bad in fact that ID Software is throwing their hands in the air and saying "don't look at us" because they have posted on their Twitter page that they had nothing to do with this. 

Of course it's just a trailer and judgement should be held off until we see the whole movie, but I have no hopes for this at all. 

No word yet on a release date.