New trailer for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid shows off some gameplay and a few new characters

by: Russell -
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A new gameplay trailer dropped today for the upcoming Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and the main thing that sparked my interest was the reveal of a few new characters beyond the same few we've seen the past couple of videos. Previous videos showed gameplay with Jason (Mighty Morphin Red), Gia (Super Megaforce Yellow), Tommy (Mighty Morphin Green), and Lord Drakken (Tommy from an alternate timeline in the comics where he never strayed from evil even when Rita's spell was broken). In the new trailer that dropped today, we also now have Mastodon Sentry, Ranger Slayer (both from the comics), Goldar (Mighty Morphin), the Magna Defender (Lost Galaxy), and Kat Manx (S.P.D.).

The gameplay trailer also shows off a bit of the game's Megazord Ultras, specifically Tommy summoning the Dragonzord and finishing off opponents with its Finger Missiles, Drill Tail, and...I kid you not...stepping on the opponent and crushing them. That's just glorious and I now can't wait to summon a giant robotic dragon to literally walk all over opponents.