Here is the launch trailer for Dead by Daylight's next chapter "Demise of the Faithful"

by: Nathan -
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The next DLC pack for Dead by Daylight will be dropping soon and today we got the launch trailer for "Demise of the Faithful" 

As with most DLC Chapters, Demise of the Faithful will bring a new Killer, a new Survivor and a new map to the game. 

The new Killer will be called "The Plague" 

The Plague can launch projectile vomit out in front of her that infects Survivors and environmental objects. The only way to cleanse the infection is by finding pools of devotion which themselves can be corrupted as well after they are used. The Plague can see the auras of the pools and interact with them to power up her vomit attacks. 

As with every chapter the Killer and Survivor will get three unique perks. 

Here are the three perks that will be available for The Plague 

  • Corrupt Intervention: Generators located furthest from the Killer are blocked by The Entity for a certain amount of time at the start of the trial. Survivors cannot repair these generators for the duration.
  • Infectious Fright: The cries of the unfaithful makes the Killer’s heart leap. Any Survivors that are within the Killer's terror radius while another Survivor is put into the dying state with the basic attack, will yell and reveal their location to The Killer.
  • Dark Devotion: The display of the power creates a whirlwind of panic that spreads throughout the land. The Killer become obsessed with one survivor. Hitting the obsession with the basic attack causes the obsession to emit terror radius

And here are the three perks that will be available for the new Survivor, Jane Romero. 

  • Solidarity: Sharing painful experiences has the power to heal. While injured, healing a Survivor also heals you.
  • Poised: Achieving goals boosts the Survivor’s confidence. After completing a generator, the Survivor will not leave scratch marks for a short time.
  • Head On: While standing in a locker, the perk activates. While activated, performing a rushed action to leave a locker stuns The Killer if they are standing within range. This causes Exhaustion. Head On cannot be used while Exhausted. You do not recover from Exhaustion while running.

The PTB server will be launching soon. No word on a release date yet.