Horizon: Zero Dawn gear eases its way into another game

by: Rob -
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The lede on this story should probably be about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but I'm not a Battle Royale guy and I very much am into Horizon: Zero Dawn. So for me the real news here is that following on the heels of the H:ZD/Monster Hunter World crossover we have Eclipse armor and weapons infiltrating PUBG.

Starting Tuesday, March 5th and running through April 5th, anyone who logs into the game will get the Eclipse Top for free. Playing 10 games gets you the Eclipse Mask. 8,000 BP will unlock the Eclipse Kar98k. And killing 10 opponents with a crossbow will get you the shiny H:ZD pan. This content is exclusive to PS4 players of PUBG, just like how H:ZD was a PS4 exclusive.