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Saints Row The Third explodes onto Nintendo Switch May 10th

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendolife is reporting that Saints Row The Third: The Full Package is gracing the Nintendo Switch on May 10th. The "Full Package" subtitle means that it bundles in all the DLC released over the game's lifetime. Saints 3 was the last game in the series to stick to gang crime absurdity, before the fourth game went all-out superhero insane. I previewed Saints 3 waaay back in 2011 and later played through the Full Package on PS3, and it's a total blast. I used to annoy a Rockstar fan on the GN staff by calling Saints Row "Grand Theft Auto, except it's fun," and what the Saints series lacks in polish and class it definitely makes up for in sheer enjoyment and a multitude of quality of life improvements over its more restrained rival.

Here's the original trailer for Saints Row The Third: The Full Package. I'm looking forward to having this utterly bonkers game on a portable platform.

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