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Creative Assembly reveals Total War: Three Kingdoms' Records Mode

by: Nicholas -
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In another reveal for the massive Total War: Three Kingdoms, the devs at Creative Assembly have put together a Let's Play of the Records gameplay mode. 

Records mode scales back the complexity of previous iterations by going straight to the battle. No spies, no backroom deals. The dev controlling it also mentions that the video begins 150 turns in

Pay attention to the devs' strategic placement. As always, many factors are at play, with the tier level of the militiamen and amount of soldiers on the battlefield. Playing against Ma Chao as Gongsun Zan, the battle lasts quite a while. And a pleasant part about it is the amount of banter going on between the commanders of each side. Gongsun has a lot to say about wit, for some reason. 

As Dan reportedTotal War: Three Kingdoms has been delayed to May 23rd.