How to upgrade your home base in Far Cry New Dawn

by: Randy -
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As with any and all open-world Ubisoft games, there's a lot to do in Far Cry New Dawn. These are big games, and not just due to the size of the map. There's hunting for wildlife, foraging for plant life, vehicular mayhem, guns and ammo shenanigans, HQ and outpost hubs—plus all of the requisite upgrades and modifications for all of those things.

This video talks about upgrading Prosperity, your headquarters in New Dawn. It started off as a lovely pine lodge, but it's in the process of turning into a 7 Days to Die-like above-ground survival bunker. It's pleasant, if not a little boring looking. Your people find ways to pluck on guitars and throw down a little BBQ from time to time, though, so it's nice. 

You'll be raiding Highwaymen (bad guys') outposts in order to rob their stockpiles of ethanol. The ethanol is used to upgrade your weapons bench, training camp, cartography shack, healing garden, infirmary, garage, explosive lab, and the expeditions helicopter landing pad. I don't know, maybe you pour the fuel over this stuff and that magically makes everything operate on a higher level. Or maybe you turn it into ethyl alcohol and really get the party started, who knows?

Far Cry New Dawn launches February 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. My first impressions have gone up.