Hi Rez Studios reaches a huge milestone and releases the 100th character for SMITE

by: Nathan -
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The mad lads at Hi Rez Studios, makers of SMITE have finally done it. After seven years, they have finally reached 100 characters in the game. The Season 6 patch went live today and brought with it the 100th character, Merlin.

Like King Arthur, Merlin brings with him a unique play style. He can switch between three magic stances, Arcane, Fire and Ice. In Arcane stance, he can create energy orbs that grow bigger as it travels or create a vortex that sucks enemies in. In Fire stance he can cast a fire blast attack or can place summon two dragons that spit fire in a specific location. Finally in Ice stance he can send out an ice blast that slows enemies or he can create a blizzard that causes shards of ice to fall from above. 

I started playing SMITE back when Chang'e was the newest character released in the game and that was six years ago back in 2013. It's crazy to see how this game has gone from closed beta to where it is now. Here's to 100 more.