The Textorcist bangs out a demo ahead of its February 14th release

by: Sean Colleli -
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Imagine, if you can, a bullet hell typing tutor game, as if Mavis Beacon and Enter the Gungeon had a particularly unruly child together. The Textorcist, from developer Morbidware and publisher Headup Games, is just such a game, and in the proud tradition of The Typing of the Dead, it is fusing the macabre with the eminently practical.

In The Textorcist, you play as devout exorcist Ray Bibbia, who drives out demons by punching out incantations while dodging said demons' prolific projectiles. The game promises 10 bosses with unique mechanics, typing gameplay integrated throughout each level, and Italian black humor that can only result from growing up in the same country as the Vatican. If you're just as intrigued as I am, you can grab a free demo of The Textorcist on Steam. The game arrives just in time for Valentine's day, this Thursday February 14th.

The Textorcist Public Demo
available now on Steam

Type your way through hell!

11th February Düren, Germany - With The Textorcist's release just around the corner (14th February), even the last of non-believers are given the chance to repent by trying out the demo version of the game.

Play as Ray Bibbia and learn how brutal life can be as a private exorcist. The demo features the first two boss fights as well as a relaxing tutorial fight at the beginning. In addition, you will get the chance to check out The Textorcist's Italian black humor and train your multitasking skill like never before!

So far, influencers and journalists have greatly enjoyed this fresh mix of bullet hell and typing game - imagine Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and Enter the Gungeon had a (badass!) child together.

About The Textorcist

Get ready for an electrifying mix between a bullet game and a typing hell! Dodge bullets while typing exorcisms and jump into the adventure of Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist who's going to face the threats of a demonic outbreak and deal with his sinful past at the same time! A city in decay, streets filled with thugs and only one man to stop it all. Groundbreaking gameplay, exorcists, demons, the Pope and tons of hardcore action-filled boss battles for the first type em up game ever realized.


Intense storytelling
Tons of bullets
Lots of typing
10 Boss fights
Challenging twisted typing mechanics for every boss
Type even to open a door
Type on a Holyvetti computer
Show it off with online leaderboards
Play with the keyboard for a typing experience or with a gamepad for a rhythm experience
Original Soundtrack composed by GosT
Some more bullets