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Free interior design update launches for Two Point Hospital

by: Kinsey -
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Two Point Hospital is at it again with another free update, and this one is—verbatim from the press release, by the way—"blowing the bloody doors off identikit hospital décor!" 

In case that (which is quite possibly one of the best sentences I've ever read) doesn't tell you absolutely everything you need to know, here's the rundown. The new Interior Designer update for the game brings a slew of design opportunities to the table, allowing for customizable wall coverings, floor tiles, rug shapes, and decorations. If you're the type of hospital administrator who's just too darn busy running their institution to make your own decorations, you can pop over to the Steam Workshop and use the shared designs posted by community members. The result? Nearly limitless design opportunities for your healthcare empire!

If that doesn't get you ecstatic, check out this brief tutorial below, and then get to decorating!