New update for Truck Simulation 19 lets you explore the Northern Territory

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Astragon has recently released the first major content update for their mobile game Truck Simulation 19 that opens up the Northern Territory. Available for free for owners of the base game, the new update lets you explore the snowy highways of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, as well as travel through major cities such as Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Bismark. The update also brings a new weather condition to the game where a lot of the region will be covered with snow due to the light snowfall, which can also develop into a thick flurry of the white stuff. Personally, with the way the weather's been here in the Buckeye State over the past couple of weeks, I'd be okay without seeing any more snow for a while.

Truck Simulation 19

It‘s getting frosty out there: New update introduces the northern states of the USA

Moenchengladbach/Germany, February 06, 2019 – Since November 14, 2018 players of the new mobile game Truck Simulation 19 by astragon Entertainment and Jujubee are busy discovering the legendary US highways. Perfect for the current season now comes the first major content update, which will see virtual truckers dress up warmly to visit new territories located in the cold North of the US to expand their company and fulfil new missions.

After downloading the new update, hard-working truckers will now be able to explore the Northern states of the US and expand their logistic company into the new region. This includes the iconic federal states Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming as well as North and South Dakota. Here snowy highways as well as famous cities such as Minneapolis, Milwaukee or Bismarck already await the virtual haulers.

In addition to the map extension, the content update introduces a new weather condition to Truck Simulation 19: For the first time, vast sections of the region will be covered by snow due to light snowfall, which can also develop to a thick flurry of snow. Truck fans can also look forward to brand-new story missions and the possibility to expand their business to new locations.

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The new Truck Simulation 19 update is available now as an automatic, free download in the Apple® App Store® and on Google Play®. The possession of the full version of Truck Simulation 19 is required.

Truck Simulation 19 is available for iPhone® and iPad® in the Apple® App Store® for 3.99 Euro/2.99 USD/2.99 GBP (RRP). The game for smartphones and tablets using the Android™ operating system is available for free on Google Play® in a version of limited content. The full version can be unlocked at a price of 3.99 Euro/2.99 USD/2.99 GBP (RRP).

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