Metro Exodus is stuck in a dream inside a dream

by: Randy -
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The upcoming Metro Exodus put out a cinematic trailer called "Artyom's Nightmare" today. Artyom is the main character in the Metro series of video games—which is based on the Metro 2035 novel by Russian novelist Dmitry Glukhovsky. The "nightmare" part of the video's title takes the form of a Russian nesting doll. You know those dreams where you wake up into a nightmare, then wake up into another nightmare, then another? That's what's happening to dear ol' Artyom.

Not sure if/when this cinematic will appear at some point in the game. Sometimes these things do, sometimes they don't. And while they don't feature 1:1 gameplay, per se, they're still pretty good for mood setting. There's the makeshift survivalism taking place in the crowded, cluttered subways. There's the telltale crackle of the Geiger counter as Artyom plunges into the tunnels. There are muddy swamps, a desert train, the always-brutal Russian winter, a sunrise over evergreen woods, and a small, candlelit shrine where Artyom's nightmare began.

Metro Exodus is on schedule for a February 15 launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.