Titanfall battle royale Apex Legends launches today for free

by: Travis -
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Titanfall has joined the trend of battle royale games with the launch of Apex Legends. From Respawn Entertainment, developer of the previous Titanfall games, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale, first-person shooter that shares similarities with other titles in the genre but introduces new features such as characters with unique traits and more focused squad-orientated gameplay.

The most significant exclusion though is titans, you know the game series' most notable features being that it's part of the title. Being that Titanfall isn't part of the Apex Legends title I'll let it go, but still find it as an odd exclusion as it would have been a significant feature to set it apart from other battle royale games.

In Apex Legends players pick from one of eight Legends that each have their own unique abilities and gameplay style, similar to games like Overwatch and Black Ops 4 multiplayer characters. Another noteworthy feature is the introduction of Respawn Beacons that are one-time use locations to revive downed teammates. The feature I'm excited about is what the developers describe as an intelligent inventory system that automatically attaches the best gear and equipment to the weapon that players pick up, which always feels like a chore in other battle royale games.

As with other battle royale games Apex Legends is going with the idea of seasons with the first Battle Pass beginning in March that is said to include exclusive cosmetic items. I'm still bummed about the lack of titans, but I'm installing the game as I type to give it a try.

Apex Legends is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.